I back Not In My Game Terrorism is bad for sport and bad for my community  

About Not In My Game

Early on March 3rd 2009, a coach carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team came under fire as they neared the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. Gunmen killed seven people and injured a further eight. The attack provoked an international outcry and shocked players and supporters across the world. Fears for the safety of players mean that international cricket cannot currently be played in Pakistan. This summer, the Pakistani team held its 2010 home series against Australia in the UK, before playing a series against England.

This is not the first time security threats have damaged sport. In 2008, the inaugural twenty20 Champions League in India was cancelled in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. And these attacks are in no way restricted to cricket. Just this year, gunmen opened fire on the Togo national football squad in Angola whilst they were travelling to the Africa Cup of Nations.

Not In My Game is about joining together to send a loud, clear message that, whether it be a game of street cricket or an international test match, there is no place for terrorism in the game we love.

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